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How to Use LinkedIn (Purposeful Networking ©) and Get Zero Results!

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Business Relationships, the Etiquette of Words We Use

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Can You Smell the Desperation?

Does the Gift Meet the Deed or Is a Gift Really Necessary?

The Price is Right or Is It?

Are You Giving People Access to Your In Box by Accepting LinkedIn Connections

Is Your Business Success Predicated on the 80/20 Principal?

How I Can Create My Next Place of Employment!

Just Let Go and Enjoy!


Is Using Social Media a Positive TIME to Your Bottom Line?



SOLITAIRE, a Metaphor for Life and Business

This is Really World Class Service


Bait and Switch in Our Own Backyards

Wasting Marketing Dollars or Maybe it is Just Me

Does Speed Kill?

Pay Attention to the Messages and Ideas Sent Your Way!

The President Called. I Got the Job!

INTEGRITY Institute Tribe Member for the Month of October 2013

INTEGRITY Institute Tribe Member for the Month August 2013

What Multilevel/Direct/Networking Marketing Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Make Six Figures

The Ten Keys You Receive as a Member of INTEGRITY Institute

So Help Me, This is the Truth!

World Class Communications for World Class Companies

What, Tortilla Chips in My Chicken Tortilla Soup!?

Do You Believe that Timing is Everything?

Purposeful Networking © Testimonials

What I Learned Watching Championship Football, Patience is Over Rated

The Danger of Unintended Consequences

2012 Year End Review

Is the Devil in the Details?

Cyber Stalkers, How to Use LinkedIn Free Access to Get Unlimited Access


Why is it Best to Give People What They WANT?

Direct Marketing, Seven Simple Tips For Bringing More Business to Your Door

Sanitized Identities Wanted!

During This Holiday Season Networking and Non-profits: Creating Win/Win in Your Business and Community

How to Manage Your Business to Get More Referrals

How to Write Books and Articles in Your Spare Time.

How Can Learning to Speak in Public Impact My Growing Business Success?

Can You Collaborate with your Competition?

Social Media, How Does it Help You Decide Where and Who to Network ?

Is Your Message Clear?

Are You Chasing Two Rabbits?

Creating Strategic Alliances in the 21st Century

Marketing Plans for Auto Restoration Companies

Networking 101 in the Cyber Community

Softer Terms for Business Success

How Do You Determine Target Market as a Realtor (or other related business?)

Presentation Strategy, Why Have an Offer?

Interpersonal Relationship Skills Management Case Study


Credibility When Setting Appointments

Character Analysis, Modification, Adjustment, Alteration, and Secure by INTEGRITY

LinkedIn Referral Groups

Zen Garden from Market Umbrella June 4, 2012


Social Media – Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Networking Groups – Exclusive Referrals

Are You Credible When Setting Your Appointments?

The Words We Select with YouTube Link

The Words We Receive with YouTube Link

Double Your Goals in the Banking Industry

How Tax Professionals Create More Business with YouTube Link

Showing Up for Success!

Finding an Active Referral Group

Managing 300 New Connections in 2012 Using Purposeful Networking©

Purposeful Networking© Described by Spelling PURPOSEFUL

The Dialog for Purposeful Networking© by Email

The Dialog for Purposeful Networking© by Telephone

Purposeful Networking© Using Social Media

• Tip on— “How you make your office functional for you.”

• Tip on Education —“Getting Free Information”

• Tip on balancing family / business

• Tip on relationships in business/career

Turning Passion into Action!

2011 Delivered From Heaven

NEW YouTube Link, How Are You Dealing with the Noise?

Planning Expectations for 2012 and Beyond

How to Get Presentation Opportunities Using Scripts

Business: Giving Thanks /Taken for Granted/ Showing Appreciation / Testimonials

When to Turn Over a New Leaf

You Thought You Had the Deal – What Happened?

The Basics of a Solid Business Plan

Balancing Work & Family!

You Have a Great Business Idea and are Shy or Afraid!

American Business Leaders I Admire

Time Management

The Five Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make

Running the San Diego Marathon January 18, 2004

Taking Your Hobby & Turning it Into a Business

The Water Faucet and Your Business

Balance – creating balance between work/home etc.

How to Handle Rejection!

How to Get People to Buy When Using Social Media (Web 2.0!)


Selecting a Coach

Do You Network to Get More Business?

Are You Credible When Setting Your Appointments?

Do You Network to Get More Business?

What is Enough?

Presentations and Marketing Your Business

Getting Help in Your Business

How to Get the Attention You Deserve for Your Passion

Business Sooner than Later

How to Build Your Business for 2010

Lessons in Service

An Assortment of Ramblings about Business, Our Economy, and Famous Quotes

Recession Proof Business

What Happened to Me When I Did Not Respond to a Telephone Message

How Important is it to have the Highest Morals, Values, and Ethics while Finding Work in a Down Economy?

Shame on Me!

The Debate Over Internet Networking Versus Face to Face Networking

How to Create a Defining Statement and Why!

Too Much Business in a Down Economy!

Is it Just Me?

How to Make 2009 Real Fine!

Getting More of What We WANT During an Economic Downturn!

Ask for What it is You Need Now!

Are You Getting the Most from Your Time Investment?

Giving to Receive to Give Again!

The Ugly Side of Referral Business and What to Do to Protect Yourself

The Shock of the Economic Downturn!

Networking New Friends …Sooner Than Later!

Is Your Pump Primed for Spring?

Nine Niche Networks to Navigate for Mastering Marketing Milestones



How the Law of Attraction Worked for Me

Jessie, George, and Winston

The Science of Referring and the Advocate Strategy

The Law of Attraction as Taught on Rosh Hashanah

COMPARISONS-Are They a Trap OR an Inspiration for Increased Success?

Why Don’t More People Give Referrals Freely?

New Electronic World Order

Why Things Go Better with Coke

You Can’t Have IT Both Ways

My Personal Staff of Realtors

Complete or Incomplete, Where Are You and Where Do You Want to Be?

How to Create Better Relationships

Coaching or Consulting, is There Really a Difference?

Are You Giving Away Knowledge That You Should Be Getting Paid For?

Who is Responsible to Pay for Your Self-Improvement, You or Your Employer?

Who Do You Know, and Should They Help You in Your Business?

How to Give a Referral!

Choosing to be Positive!

Is There an Order for Focus, Persistency and Consistency?

How We Value Ourselves and How Others See Our Value

Business Education

How to Define a Prospect so that They Become Clients!

How to Make Passive Marketing Media Proactive!

Who Do You Know, and Should They Help You in Your Business?

What is the Story on Email Responses?

Business Education

How to Define a Prospect so that They Become Clients!

How to Make Passive Marketing Media Proactive!

Who Do You Know, and Should They Help You in Your Business?

Simple Tips for Bringing More Business to Your Door

More Scripts and Things to Do to Get Your WANT

Developing Strategic Alliances in Like Industries

Which Communications Should I Return?

I Have Arrived OR Have I?

How Can Public Speaking Impact My Networking Success?

Collaboration or Competition, which ‘C’ BU?

Networking Show and Tell Displays


Why Chambers of Commerce Need to Manage Community Business Business

Who Is Running Your Business?

Where Your Referrals Come From and How to Evaluate Their Success

How to Decide Where and Who to Network?

What Is Free When Networking Your Business at the Chamber?

Volunteering in Our Community

A Six-Step Exercise For Better Networking

“Network Etiquette and How Etiquette Affects Business Referrals”

How to Write and Deliver a Powerful 30 to 60 Second Commercial! (With Video Link!)

The Five Main Components of Networking

Networking for Strategic Alliance

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