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The Story Behind the INTEGRITY Logo...

Our logo, the Hummingbird and the Red Rose, with the stem making the ‘I’ in INTEGRITY with the words ‘Improved Networking Through Education Generating Relationships Increases The Yield’ below, came to be as follows:

The Hummingbird represents every successful entrepreneur.  As the hummingbird flies from flower to flower to get fed, so must the successful entrepreneur.  The Red Rose represents the red or right prospects that the successful entrepreneur needs to find.  (A known fact is that hummingbirds are attracted to ‘red’ flowers.  Hence the red rose.)  Some might also notice that our last name is Rose.

The name INTEGRITY comes from an observation Lynne (my wife since June 28, 1975) made regarding how I stood behind my health insurance practice.  In approximately 1996 I sold a health policy to Jack, Lisa, and their family.  After two months of having the policy, Lisa had a physical.  After receiving a bill from the doctor for $145, Lisa called me.  She said, “Gerry, you told me that I could have a free physical after two months with the plan!”  The plan’s term for the first free physical was having the plan in place for six months.  I sent Lisa a check for $145 to cover her out of pocket expense.  While searching for a name for our company Lynne suggested INTEGRITY based on this experience and how I do business.

The acronym for INTEGRITY, ‘Improved Networking Through Education Generating Relationships Increases The Yield’ came from some yard work that I was doing in early 2000.  I initially came up with some of the first part, ‘Increased Networking Through Education.’  Then Lynne came up with “Gerry Rose In The Yard.”  With a little word play we came up with ‘Generating Relationships Increases The Yield.’


Welcome to INTEGRITY Networking Solutions

The Four Pillars of INTEGRITY:

• Collaboration: when you support all business, competition becomes a thing of the past
• Abundance: the ability to run a business from a position of plenty
• Working with clients with an attitude of giving to receive to give again
• Dealing with people of the highest morals, values, and ethics builds INTEGRITY

At INTEGRITY Networking Solutions, we work with people in business who want to attract the right prospects and generate more referrals. Using one-on-one consulting and presentations, including our UNLIMITED PROSPECTS, UNLIMITED REFERRALS program, we teach you how to get people to your door.

Our typical target market comprises professionals who want discrete methods of generating new buyers, and who want to stand out from their peers while maintaining credibility among them.







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