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Delivering Instant Gratification

Here I go again, showing my age.  I am hung up on our new disposable economy.  Let me explain.

We are so dependent on social media for work and pleasure that our values for interaction with people and things has declined.  As example, regarding people, here I sit in Starbucks with sixteen customers.  Eight are using some form of electronic device. Two are sitting next to each other, both using separate devices.  Using electronic media is the only way I do business.  My dilemma is that we are trapped into relying on electronic media which take us in two vicious circles.  One vicious circle is the constant renewal/purchase of new equipment.  The other circle is the life cycle of the device.

It seems like by the time a new electronic device is out of the box it is already an antique ready to be replaced.  We use the excuse that technology is advancing so quickly that we need to replace our old device whenever the big box company releases its latest version of our device.  We in the United States have become a society that accepts failure, second rate manufacturing, and we are willing to replace technology whenever it fails.  We compound the acceptance of failure by saying it is okay for the device to fail because technology is advancing so rapidly.

We have control of purchasing new technology.  I currently have 2009 technology as my main computer, printer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  My laptop is 2011 as is my cellular phone.  I feel embarrassed admitting this in print for some of you may shun me.  As long as my equipment continues to function, maintain speed, storage capacity, and overall function I will continue to use them.  The second I have a problem they will be replaced because I need it to run my business, my household, and stay connected.

As I grew up, while a young man, we sneered at lesser off shore products.  Then we looked down at the quality of the Asian markets flooding our retail establishments with second rate products.  We always looked at labels to buy “made in USA.”  I remember a story that one of the Asian countries actually changed the name of one of its manufacturing cities to USA so that they could duplicate our labeling.

The “how and why” we got here seems to me to be the most interesting.  I attribute how and why we got here to our need for instant gratification.  You might remember the hot cereal Maypo, which continues to be manufactured today.  The television advertisement from 1956 was designed around the young star, Mikey, wanting his Maypo.  Later the word now was added at the end of the statement to create urgency.  Since then fast-food, drive up ATMs, and two parent incomes have become the norm and have led us to the need for instant gratification.  We are a throw away society where we have created this vicious cycle of see it, want it, got to have it, buy it, throw it away (this can get me on another topic of frustration, landfills full of packaging waste) starting the cycle again with see it.

How this relates to our business is when we can produce our product and service that lasts, people will refer more prospects to us.  We will stand out. Demonstrate the ability to create new offerings for our existing clients who will then send us more prospects and referrals.


Gerry Rose runs INTEGRITY Networking Solutions in Oceanside, CA.  He works with people in business who wan