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Do I Have a Referral for You?

As I sat in the dentist’s ( chair having one of my last metal fillings replaced, Matt told me of his purchase of a home in Oceanside.  After congratulating him on his purchase he told me that it was a total fixer upper.  As he told me this I thought of Mike ( Contractors, Mike McCluskey,(1649 Boulder Creek Rd. Oceanside, CA 92056, License Number: 856890) who had recently remodeled Lynne’s bathroom and replaced our florescent kitchen light with LED cans.  Mike does total home remodels and will be a great referral to Matt and his family.  As I sat there thinking about referrals, I thought that I might have a referral for you now that the major projects are completed in our new home.  I think it is appropriate to thank those who contributed to the remodel, thus referring the folks below to you should you have the need.

All of what has happened was made possible by our Realtor for Life, Valerie Macleay of Solutions Real Estate (  This is the third time we have used Valerie.  In one purchase, where we had urgency to move quickly, she showed us 33 homes in two days.  We put in one offer which was accepted.  We moved in to the house, closing in 17 days.

As we transitioned into our new home the existing solar system was unable to connect to the Internet.  The original installer, Genesis Energy Solutions 760-224-2617, ( Jesse Freund, owner, came out immediately and treated us like family.  He discovered the problem, offered a solution, making the repair as if it were warranty work without a charge.  Jesse referred Michael Walter (see below) for our new decks and doors.

Our yard was the first thing we up graded to increase street appeal.  Brian Best of Garden Spirit Landscape ( started from a blank canvas as the yard was a garden of roots and dead grass.  This is the second time we have used Brian as he did our beautiful backyard on Wedgewood Drive in Oceanside.  Brian and his crew added lush greenery which has now, in its second year, bloomed with beautiful orange, purple, magenta, yellow, and shades of red.  Moving to the backyard in the fall of 2015 he added a combination of trees that will eventually grow to nearly 20 feet to cover the existing fence.  Adding an oak tree to the corner of the yard, it will add needed shade over the pool and it nicely compliments the existing yellow flowered hibiscus.  As a design/installation specialist Brian also added the idea of a side patio deck. He also completed a tumbled stone patio addition to the existing concrete deck which completes the entire backyard.  The addition of a concrete patio picnic table provided by Carrillo Pottery (Joseph Carrillo, 4915 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-730-3430) above the tumbled stone patio completes this tasteful area.  Joe and his crew provided delivery and installation at no extra charge.

Michael Walter of Michael Walter Construction (1943 S. Tremont, Oceanside, CA 92054, 760-908-8925) designed and built two decks. One 14’ x 15’ over our existing sun room. The other is five feet by six feet off of our dining room.  Both made from treated redwood support structure finished in mauve colored Trex.  The redwood was then stained to match the Trex.  He also added three exterior doors.  One provides an eight foot slider opening that adjoins the 14’ X 15’ deck off our bedroom, overlooking the pool.  The six foot slider from the dining room opens to the five foot by six foot deck which allows exit from the main floor of the house to the  pool.  A four foot by eight foot double door access under the house now provides easy access storage to a 10 foot by 20 foot that before was unusable space.  It is a great location for my future compressor for the car hobby adjacent to what was once used for RV parking.

Once the decks and doors were complete, we found Sam Rogers of SR Painting, 315 S. Coast Highway 101, Suite U-136, Encinitas, CA 92024, (858) 945-7059.  The house was once Tudor brown and beige.  The Tudor accents now match the hand rails on the Trex decks and the main color matches the deck platforms.

We completed a bathroom remodel removing the original tub and shower combination and replaced it with a door less walk-in shower of tile. We also replaced three interior doors with raised panels for two bedrooms, and added a smoked glass insert for the bathroom remodel.  Another update to the house included the fluorescent kitchen fixture with six low energy LED cans. All of the above done by Mike McCluskey (see first paragraph above for contact information.)

The pool was resurfaced by Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling  Now the water in the pool matches the blue glass stones in our fire pit from ( The Barbecue Grill Outlet, 1463 West Vista Way #A, Vista, CA 92083, 760-201-4200.

The reason for the move from our home of 17 years was to allow for my car hobby/business to flourish. I now have a three car garage with a work space in the side yard for storing and working on old iron.  Lynne has now enjoyed her own pool for two summers.  Therefore, I would be remiss without mentioning our Mechanic for Life B. & C. Auto, 918 Postal Way, Vista, CA 92083-6915, 760-726-2972 (  Owners Ray and Cecilia with their son Cory have become more than the place to go to get the cars repaired.  They are family.  They are responsible for the mechanical restoration of our 1986 El Camino, 1965 Chevrolet Impala, and 1966 Chevrolet Step Side Pickup.  They also do maintenance on our 1976 and 2013 Chevrolet Corvettes.  JEGS ( provided the new 350 cubic inch, 260 horse power crate motor which Ray installed perfectly in the pickup.  Many additional body and mechanical parts were purchased for the truck from LMC Truck (

Finally, to many this might be a surprise.  Both our El Camino and Pickup truck were painted by Maaco ( of Oceanside.  Many people have told us that these are show quality paint jobs.  See the owner, Ron Hashemi, who was easy to work with.

Please ask for referrals if you want new business.  Also, when telling of projects you have on your to do list and the person you are talking to tells of a similar project that they have completed, ask them for a referral from their contractor.   When you are told that someone has done that type of work, be free to ask for the name of the person and the company’s contact information.  If you want to get referrals be prepared to give referrals.

If any of the above appeal to you, please interview these folks.  Check out their work before hiring or come by and see what they did here. It takes a village to renovate a house to make it a home.  Come by and check out our remodel.  Stay for a while and ask for referrals.  By the way, each company mentioned in this communication will get a copy of this for their files.


Gerry Rose runs INTEGRITY Networking Solutions in Oceanside, CA.  He works with people in business who want to attract the right prospects and generate more referrals.  More than 10,000 businesses have been presented the INTEGRITY Networking Solutions system in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange Counties.

Gerry’s stimulating presentation Unlimited Prospects, Unlimited Referrals is ideally suited for small business owners, home-based businesses, and independent professionals who want clearer direction and want to attract more prospects, develop dynamic systems, and strengthen their companies’ accountability.  Gerry does one on one consulting, conducts a range of keynote speeches from thirty minutes to full-day education workshops.  His book series, Unlimited Prospects, Unlimited Referrals, are available on the website,

Gerry has more than 20 years’ experience directing business owners how to grow their businesses.  He is a networking dynamo.  Those who know him will assure you that he does a great job of bringing people together—which is why he started INTEGRITY.

Involved with networking organizations since 1984, Gerry is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a member of Toastmaster International, and has chaired numerous chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations.

Are you truly committed to attracting the right prospects and generate more referrals?  If so then contact INTEGRITY Networking Solutions for availability and information.  You can contact Gerry by mail at 1610 Quiet Hills Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056.  Direct dial (760) 439-4623; e-mail to  For more information, go to


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