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Social Media – Update Your LinkedIn Profile

“If you are in business you need to do social media.  Get on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.”  I am so sick of those words I am about ready to lose my breakfast.

If you choose to “do social media,” do so with a plan.  Evaluate the time you invest on the deliverable results.

The first thing to do is to anticipate results.  I went to my friends and business associates who were already using social media.  I asked them, “What results I could expect from each?”  I also wanted to know the time they were investing and what their return on that time investment was.  In one case, the user was spending 90 days to evaluate data from 1000 respondents on Twitter.  What I learned from further conversation in this case was that the offer to the prospect was important to get the quantity of the result.  A quality offer (results for the prospect) is a key component to getting such a high quantity result.

LinkedIn is the business focused tool in the world of social media.  When used with purpose in mind, it can create a flow of business and connections.  Below are some simple steps to allow the number of your connections to soar and deliver business to your door.

After your name on your profile, remove your industry title.  Replace it with the results you deliver.  In my case I originally had, “Gerry Rose, Business Consultant.”  I have since replaced it with, “Gerry Rose, DTM, INTEGRITY Institute works with people in business who want to attract the right prospects and generate more referrals.”  While in the original form, I had 135 connections.  In the new form, I have 777.  The increase happened during a 12 month period.  The “DTM” stands for Distinguished Toastmaster.  Anyone who is a Toastmaster, worldwide, will recognize those three letters.  I have people connecting with me just for that reason.  Toastmasters are my target market.  On average, Toastmaster Clubs provide me ten percent of my annual business.  “People in business who want to attract the right prospects and generate more referrals,” identifies my target market and the two results I most frequently deliver to my clients.

It was reported to me after doing such a profile makeover that an insurance agent in Carlsbad, California sold a business insurance policy to a manufacturer in Florida.  The insurance agent never met the client in Florida.  It was accomplished because of the LinkedIn profile change and the relationship created between the Carlsbad agent and the prospect in Florida.  The “hook” was the LinkedIn profile to start the conversation.

Whenever someone reaches out to connect with me on LinkedIn, I always ask, “Why?”  Even if I know the person requesting to connect, I want to know how we can help each other.  In many cases this has evolved into a deeper conversation and stronger, long lasting relationships.  One such case evolved into a 35 minute first call.  That same day we met for three hours.  Since then, I meet with this person nearly weekly, we are developing a social media product, and have each introduced each other to numerous new business associates.  The exact reason why we connected was because of my change in profile.

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