Improved Networking Through Education Generating Relationships Increases The Yield


Case Study; Results from Using Purposeful Networking

A client who is in a speciality service industry is looking to increase his client base.  His marketing consists of:

  • brochures that are passed out randomly with specialty service offers with limited frequency
  • store front signs
  • website

Within the last 30 days I used specific searches with “key words” on the Advanced search using LinkedIn.  I asked for three introductions specific to this specialty service industry.  The third request was for a referral partner who has worked in the same industry for over 40 years!

The referral partner agreed to meet with my client.  After touring my client’s operation they agreed to a second meeting.  The referral partner offered a service to my client.  My client agreed to the meeting and will pay for the  service.  Purposeful Networking through LinkedIn has created:

  • a new referral relationship for my client
  • new business for the referral partner
  • a stronger relationship for the party referring me to my client’s new referral partner


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