Improved Networking Through Education Generating Relationships Increases The Yield


Marketing Sales Results Proposal for Brookside Winery, Gen7


Your sales and marketing team will learn how to get referrals in a manner that is tempered to be affective by using our proven methods through scripting.  Asking clients for their Rolodex is a thing of the Stone Age.  Cold calling a non-profit or wine seller becomes something that was spoken about in history books when we apply the methods taught through INTEGRITY.

I will train your staff to use our 4+2 Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion Strategies which include:

  • Four individual High Value Activities that they will enjoy doing every 30 days.  The joy will come from the ease in which each activity is done and the delivered/measurable/manageable results.  More sales for you and more commissions for them.
  • Two individual High Value Activities that they will do every six months.
    • Our clients are taught how to increase their knowns.  This method of increasing knowns is based on like minded people attracting like minded people.  We typically hangout with people of like minds who have similar incomes, sending our children to similar schools of higher learning.  They are eager to connect us with others of the same mind set.  We only need to know how to ask.  The power comes from knowing the right questions to ask.  There is magic in asking the right questions.  The magic is getting measurable and predictable results.  Leading again to commissions and sales volume increases.
    • People who already know, like, and trust you will WANT to introduce your sales/marketing team to others they know like and trust.  We do this by creating the scripts which develop strong long last relationships.
    • We show your staff how to take a proactive approach to passive marketing tools.  Passive marketing tools (websites, brochures, wine labels, business cards) are all valuable necessary tools for established businesses.  With passive marketing tools it is typically to have a wait and see game on going.  We wait to see who will notice us and then they might buy our product.  We first have to get noticed when using passive marketing tools.  Our process drives prospects to your passive marketing with a systematic positive proactive approach of offers that get the prospect closer to buying with every step.  Along the journey we are building a know, like, and trust relationship by delivering value with each step.  The process is enjoyable for the prospect and your team.  It is all about creating minnie wins for all who we engage.
  • A Benchmarking System which measures:
    • daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
    • successes created by daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
    • how to increase wanted results of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
    • a reporting system that will be directed to management which summarize what is working so it can be duplicated

Tim, my sense is that your business is scalable.  Adding more sales and marketing professionals is only limited by how much you can (or want) to produce.  As you add production capacity, sales, and marketing you can create a world of abundance for you and your staff.  The above Benchmarking System will provide you the luxury of defining successful marketing and sales techniques.  Once we define the success you want to create the only thing we will need to do is employ that successful strategy to grow your business.

Our 100% money back guarantee includes:

  1. Measured and managed results from the initiation of our agreement.  This includes you sharing your current sales numbers and where you want to grow them.  At the same time telling me the time frame for growth.  Once your sales team agrees to our process the spigot  will open and the orders will flow.
  2. What marketing and sales professionals love about our system is that their Fun Meter is always on maximum.  They select from a menu of strategies we have developed over the last 14 years that deliver measurable/manageable results.  All they need to do is what they agree they will do.  Never will we tell your staff that, “You need to make cold calls.”  For those who love to play the “cold calling game” we can show them how to be more impactful, getting business sooner than later.  We show them how to create only warm leads.  Never again will they have to roll up to a prospects facility unannounced (they can do it if they like.)  From the time they complete our training they will now be able to create appointments with wine merchants and non-profit organizations who want to meet with them.

This process delivers expected results guaranteed.   Measurable and manageable  results driven by High Value Activities that brings what you client needs while providing the compensation (commissions) your sales people deserve.


INTEGRITY’s sales concept has evolved from this statement, “When you say to your target market what they WANT to hear, you get what you WANT and they get what they WANT.”  Selling can be considered ‘Rocket Science’ when we understand a simple formula of physics…energy in equates to energy out.  If your sales team put equal amounts of energy into creating success, and they understand our marketing formula success will be delivered.  Understanding the importance of knowing the simple scripts for their presentations will make them success builders.  Simple tracking who they speak with, knowing what they say to their market match such that they deliver/get what each party wants will allow us to duplicate our success.  Our formula does that.

Many companies select a shot gun approach to selling.  Their belief is, “Everyone can use my product.”  It may be true that everyone will enjoy your wines, however selling them at premium prices to wine connoisseurs can be a challenging when choosing a shot gun.  Best results come from selling our wines in a way that meets or exceeds the connoisseur’s expectations.  Scripting our successes becomes the key to more sales.  Being able to measure what we say, who we say it to (target market definition), we can then manage (predict) sales volume (and production requirement.)

There are those who sell by reducing price.  When selling by reduced price our price positioned competitors only have to lower their price enough to take your customer away.  I position my clients on the value they deliver, so that premium pricing is expected by the consumer.  Our customers never buy based on lowest price.

Our philosophy is based on:

  • selling is easy when you know your product fits what the client’s wants
  • repeat sales come from satisfying the customer’s wants
  • new sales come from good research understanding that your product fits the client’s wants


Fees associated with this training:

Our normal fee for a single entrepreneur is $5000 for 90 days which includes:

  • Three to five face to face meetings in our office in Oceanside
  • Unlimited access by telephone and email
  • Unlimited additional face to face meetings as requested

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