Improved Networking Through Education Generating Relationships Increases The Yield


Build Relationships While Collecting a Pay Check

We have been in our new home less than 30 days.  This house came with a solar system that the last owner showed zero cost from SDG&E.  Lynne and I always have been good about our use of electric with bills less than $50 per month.  Even though the solar system was not a factor in purchasing the house we still want the benefit.

After filling out the proper forms to transfer ownership from the original owner we discovered that a key component of the interface was missing.  For some reason our solar system was no longer connected to the Internet.  We called the original supplier of the solar system to help.

Lynne called, speaking to the owner of the company, Jesse, of Genesis Energy Solutions (  Within less than two hours Jesse was at our home.  He assessed the problem to discover that the Wi-Fi connection was missing from the original installation which connects to our computer. He offered to replace it for free.  Then with a keen eye he suggested a better alternative would be to hard wire the connection to our Internet.  Within two hours he returned and hard wired the system for free.  His comment for this type of service was, “You are customers just like the previous owner.  We have built our business for nearly 40 years on providing exceptional customer service.”

Now here is where the story takes a real turn.  As I was getting to know Jesse I asked him, “Who do you know who builds decks?”  His answer, “Michael Walter.”  Michael ( was working at our house four days later.  He is adding two decks with stairways, three exterior doors, and a pergola for an outdoor cooking area.

The point of this story is that you can build a relationship while collecting a pay check.  I have already told Jesse’s story multiple times and referred him to a prospect who already has two quotes for a new solar installation.  I am happy because Michael is very much into the details of his work right down to the end of day clean up.  Every day he leaves the work area so that we can use the space for what it was intended.  As the deck approaches completion I am sure that it will be standing well after this house crumbles from any future earthquake.

Referrals like this are so rare.  I am sure that many of you reading this would like to generate business like this sooner than later.  Usually we go through the dance of building a relationship over many months before we even get a whiff of the prospect of collecting a check.  Some of you have told me it can take years of building a relationship. Often we find that your competitor eventually got the business for the work you invested building a relationship.  From talking with Michael and Jesse I discovered the secret sauce:

  • They are strong in their faith
  • The contractors they hang out with also have a strong faith
  • They provide exceptional service at affordable prices
  • Their product offerings are unique to their industries
  • They are head and shoulders above their industry leaders


All the above is true for their prospects as well.  I relate well to Jesse and Michael’s strong moral compass.  We talk about our common values easily with a free flow of