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During This Holiday Season Networking and Non-profits: Creating Win/Win in Your Business and Community

I frequently encounter business owners who are struggling for survival. Their dilemmas include no clients; lost clients; too much time and no way to prospect; busy with little or no results.  Many seek passive means to market their products or services.  Print ads, websites, and brochures are great when time and money are on your side.  And networking groups, chambers of commerce, or memberships in pure market match organizations can be ultimate resources for struggling businesses—but costly ones!  There is a less expensive—and much more satisfying—approach, especially during the holiday season.

When I have time available, and need a way to (1) help the community and (2) meet new people who might help my business (win/win), I reach out to local non-profit foundations and organizations, which are always looking for volunteers.  There is no better place to learn how to do more with less.  Always remember: the reward is in the giving, and often the last reward is in the getting.  Many of us have developed lifelong friendships within community non-profits.  And you can hone your management skills while helping to support worthy causes by running/organizing events or even becoming a board member.  Interacting within a community becomes clearly directed when done well in a non-profit, and also increases your opportunities for potential leads—so always have your business cards handy.

How about finding a non-profit that serves your target market?  For example, a mortgage broker might look for a rural preservation company (RPC.)  RPC’s are most often non-profits, typically located in blighted areas which the city or town wants to re-establish.  Therefore, as new mortgages are needed, this broker can write the loans.  You need to be just as specific when creating plans for other businesses, services, and industries.

How might you find these non-profits?  Look first to the Internet.  A search for local organizations will lead to more opportunities than you have time.

When we as business start-ups understand that time is a commodity we have in abundance, this strategy becomes powerful.  We can establish win/win by giving our time to organizations that need us, in return getting loyalty as we grow our businesses.

When Googling “Non-profit organizations San Diego” the results listed 81 pages with over eight million results.  Find the time during the next two months to discover a non-profit that is doing life giving work.  Donate a portion of your valuable time to that cause.  The physical exhilaration will amaze you!


Gerry Rose runs INTEGRITY Networking Solutions in Oceanside, CA.  He works with people in business who want to attract the right prospects and generate more referrals.  More than 10,000 businesses have been presented the INTEGRITY Networking Solutions system in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange Counties.


Gerry’s stimulating presentation Unlimited Prospects, Unlimited Referrals is ideally suited for small business owners, home-based businesses, and independent professionals who want clearer direction and want to attract more prospects, develop dynamic systems, and strengthen their companies’ accountability.  Gerry does one on one consulting, conducts a range of keynote speeches from thirty minutes to full-day education workshops.

His book series, Unlimited Prospects, Unlimited Referrals, are available on the website,

Gerry has more than 20 years’ experience directing business owners how to grow their businesses.  He is a networking dynamo.  Those who know him will assure you that he does a great job of bringing people together—which is why he started INTEGRITY.

Involved with networking organizations since 1984, Gerry is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a member of Toastmaster International, and has chaired numerous chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations.

Are you truly committed to attracting the right prospects and generate more referrals?  If so then contact INTEGRITY Networking Solutions for availability and information.  You can contact Gerry by mail at 1610 Quiet Hills Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056.  Direct dial (760) 439-4623; e-mail to  For more information, go to

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