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INTEGRITY Institute Tribe Member for the Month August 2013

Claudia Bailey, of NuSkin/Pharmanex, is a serious entrepreneur and business builder.  She works with people who want financial freedom and a healthy lifestyle.  For the last ten years I have worked with Claudia in her business building process.  You can trust her to do what she says.  She delivers and is a world class difference maker.  Claudia is a certified Pharmanex Health Professional and has had over 15 years experience in nutrition and weight management counseling.   If you are interested in maintaining or exceeding your current health goals, wanting to feel and look as you did 10 to 20 years ago, or build a global business and create financial freedom for yourself and your family, Claudia is the person to connect with.

Her ability to support herself, move her team to achieve greatness, and demonstrating her ability to exceed industry standards of success make her the perfect fit to lead your team of entrepreneurs.

To contact Claudia: email,, phone 760-625-2588

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