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Just Let Go and Enjoy!

I was thinking the other day about Harry Chapin’s song, Cats in the Cradle, and the lyrics from that song.  The refrain from the song which I was thinking about has to do with becoming like the other people. Chapin’s lyric specifically is, “He’d grown up just like me, my boy was just like me.” This refrain kept ringing in my head.  Let me explain.

For nearly two years I have been working with a young man.  He has become increasing successful and at the same time busy.  So busy that he has little time for anything other than things which turn into business.

I am so proud of him.  He has taken the time to learn how to attract the right prospects and generate more referrals to grow his business.  I am happy that he found what he was looking for during the time we have worked together.  The message here is that there is little to nothing left for me to do for him and it is okay.

I get a warm glow as I see clients grow.  I often go to my list of clients to review their successes. If you have known me for any length of time you have probably heard me talk of these successful clients.  The message here is people change, grow, and then move on.  We look forward to their success by way of the potential we see in them.  They then move on creating their own successes.

At some future date they may come back.  I have had them come back frequently.  They are always clients.  “Once a client, always a client,” is my motto.  All change over time.  They change their business or enhance their offer.  Even as I change my offer(s) they come back for the new offer.  Then again they go forward after a period of time to create new successes.

I get special joy when working with young, aggressive, and highly intelligent clients.  They get the information quickly, apply it immediately, and then watch for success to come their way.  They use the measurement and management tools they receive to gain results.  I get very excited when I see them training their employees/clients in the techniques that they have learned from INTEGRITY Networking Solutions.

I received an extra jolt of pride when one of my clients invited me to speak to one of his CEO round table groups in San Diego.  As I completed my presentation, I followed through on training my audience on the process of creating a Defining Statement.  The group leader told me that his clients already have created a Defining Statement.  My client, the group’s leader, had already passed my teachings on to his clients.  I still get chills up and down my spine when I think about what I taught to the group leader is now being taught by him to his prodigies.

Let me tie all of this together.  We as consultants, coaches, business owners, or trainers need to let go.  When we let go our clients will return to us if it is meant to be.  The other side of this message is, enjoy your successes.  If you are unhappy with your life find ways to change it.  The young man I spoke of above wants to be able to still do all the things he did before he filled his time with business only.  He wants to surf, play golf, and enjoy his family.  He can do all of this because he now has a measurement and management system that allows him the luxury of filling his day with high value activities.

We only have 24 hours in a day.  When these 24 are gone we can only replace them with the next 24.  When we realize our success, getting to a point of filling our days with what we want, sometimes we have to let go of the past.  Living in the past can be a pleasant memory.  We need to avoid the conflict it can create by including the past in our current paradigm.


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