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Million Dollar Mastermind Testimonial for 2017

During the next few weeks, many individuals including those within your tribe will likely be thinking about the new year and what changes to make and what endeavors they wish to pursue.  For me, my goals have shifted significantly from what they were just 12 months ago; and the end of year and the holidays just represent a great time for reflection.

As such, I suspect many of us would benefit from another Master Mind session where we could express our thoughts and get feedback from trusted colleagues.  Specifically, it might be great to bring the gang back together for a 1-time 2017 jump start meeting.  I would expect to realize great value from it, and I believe the others would as well.  Potentially, this meeting might expand into something much greater with continuing sessions, or where we perhaps meet with you later one-on-one on a consulting basis.  Additionally, others within your tribe could be invited to similar beginning of year sessions, and these individuals may wish to pursue additional meetings with you as well.  This may represent an income opportunity for you; I just don’t know.

Regardless, that’s my suggestion for you; and if it doesn’t happen, I’ll probably ask if we can meet one or more times in the coming weeks to get the year kicked-off in the right direction.

2016 was a year of highs and lows for me.  I lost my Dad, my Uncle, my Mother-in-law, a friend of 35 years, and another acquaintance I knew from many decades ago.  However, I also discovered opportunities to re-engage with horses which enabled me to acquire 2 additional mares with world-class bloodlines, run 12 times and win 2 races, and sell a thoroughbred yearling colt.  Success in this industry has become a bucket-list item for me that becomes important to pursue now.  I also need to get back to golf; and I need to determine where I go with my career from here.

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