Improved Networking Through Education Generating Relationships Increases The Yield



Purposeful Networking © is all about getting you in front of your MARKET MATCHES so that you can do business sooner than later.

Purposeful Networking © Delivers:

  • A media system of connecting you to your Market Matches rather than them having to find you through conventional marketing/business development strategies.  You find them directly! You will discover them rather than they having to discover you.  No equipment to buy, no software to install, and no dues for membership.  This can be done by you, in the comfort of a coffee shop, your home office, or business.  It can be done while traveling, on vacation, or at the beach.  You will use systems you already have in place, however you will use them in ways you never thought.  No need to blog, write articles, or post information.  This system is as simple as putting dates in your Day Timer, learning to tie your shoe, or slicing a piece of pie.
  • No membership fees or costs other than your time investment.   Once you have been trained, you get direct connections/introductions by those who already Know, Like, and Trust you.  Introductions to trusted advisors, who are your Market Matches, are nearly instantaneous.  The opportunity to become clients happens quickly (less than 90 days.)
  • Learn etiquette skills as you create words to connect with market matches quickly
  • Avoid awkward/less useful connections that require time investment with little return to your bottom line
  • Testimonials will come quickly and often from past and existing clients using Purposeful Networking ©.  These testimonials can be used to reinforce the desire by new clients and prospects to hire you.
  • Create lists of your perfect MARKET MATCHES that are Connections of your TRUSTED ADVISORS
  • Discover hot connections by industry, job title, experience, demographics for MARKET MATCHES that come to you quickly .
  • Invest your time in meeting all the right MARKET MATCHES you can handle.  We guarantee it in writing!
  • Allows you to teach those you work directly with how to best connect directly to MARKET MATCHES by teaching them the money making ideas that are contained in this training.
  • Enhances all the strategies you currently use.  When you understanding Einstein’s old adage, “Doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.”  This system will modernize your existing strategies to a level of enhancement that will increase your prospecting time investment/return by five times.  You will increase your positive results, invest less time, and enjoy business prospect more.
  • Learn to invite people to become clients through those you already Know, Like, and trust through people who are your MARKET MATCHES.
  • Step by step, easy to follow instructions for success.  Some people learn the system in less than 90 minutes.
  • Share this legacy building procedure with others to make your business scalable.
  • This will enhance your existing relationships because you will easily connect more frequently while investing time in helping other be more successful in their businesses.


Sounds too good to be true, then I dare you to challenge me!  If you are not 100% completely satisfied with this system I will pay you!  Want to know more?  If ‘yes” then contact us today at, 760-439-4623, or go on line to

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