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Purposeful Networking © Testimonials

Cecilia Wandiga

Gerry, this system of yours is blowing me away! Very good response from N**n (bio fuel folks). Now this (see below)!!!!


Details below truncated to secure personal information:
From: Max K
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014
To: Cecilia Wandiga
Subject: Job Opportunity: Business Process Management Lead
Hi Cecilia,I have a Business Process Management Lead role in San Diego, CA and I believe you have the right skill set we are looking for.
This opportunity is a 6 month contract to hire.
If you are interested in this opportunity can you please reply to my recruiter Mike L. at by sending your resume and he’ll be able to give you all of the details and coordinate the next steps!

Max K.

Sue Landis, Landis Real Estate

Gerry has created a breakthrough approach to networking using a system he developed called Purposeful Networking ©. This system is awesome! He has opened my eyes to the power of using Linked In as a networking and relationship building tool. His system has helped me ensure my networking time and energy is better focused towards identifying potential clients who are an ideal market match for my business. I’m getting some great results and recommend you meet with Gerry to see how he can help you too. It will be well worth your time.

Sharon Meredith, Take Shape for Life

Gerry’s Purposeful Networking © is succinct and to the point. He helps you save time and money networking by utilizing other people’s connections for a win/win situation for everyone. He is truly about helping EVERYONE. Awesome!

Greg Betts, Coach

If, like me, you are a small or medium business owner who is frustrated that the ROI for time and effort spent on the standard networking events and marketing activities, you need to talk to Gerry. He has developed simple, clear, innovative systems that work, including a program to get more out of LinkedIn that will knock your socks off.

Tomas Nani, Chairman/Founder at Earthlite

Gerry opened my eyes to the power of LinkedIn to generate warm prospects and referrals. His Purposeful Networking © program works. I highly recommend Gerry for anyone who is building a business.

Claudia Bailey, NuSkin

Thank you again for your generosity with some of my team members today.  The training was excellent and very clear.  I feel sure you will get more business from them and hopefully they will begin using LinkedIn to generate more distributors that can also subscribe to your service.

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