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Recession Proof Business

Is your business recession proof?

The ability to be successful has been replaced by the ability to survive as I write this article.  It is almost as if success to some is only to survive.  I have been spending a lot of time studying, evaluating, and surveying the ability to be successful today and beyond.

When people ask me, “How is business?” my response is always, “Good, and I can always find time to help more people.”  2009 will be our best year ever.  More time will be spent enjoying our family, our income will be the highest it has been, our savings continue to increase, and our life style is the best it has been.  Our business is recession proof.  When the economy is down, people need us.  When the economy is up, people want to invest in their business marketing.  Your business is recession proof as well!  If you doubt this, please call me (760-439-4623.)  I will show you how people need your product or service in good times and in bad.

It has been said that ten percent of the people are willing to do the things necessary to be successful.  I think it is less.  As I have studied people in our business community the gamut is fully covered.  I see all the extremes.  For examples:

  • Some will work each and every day, week in/week out, for years to discover how to improve their business.  What continues to amaze me is the progress they continue to make.  These people are optimistic in every economy.  Their glass is always full to half full, never half-empty.  They continue to discover new twists on old systems to make new business appear, grow even in down economies by double digit percentage point’s year in and year out, and always continue to rediscover themselves finding better ways to do business.
  • Then there is the “joy of being stuck.”  Some seem to get pleasure in being able to claim to their peer group that things continue to be bad, times are always bad, and will always be bad.  Improvement is not an option, never was an option, and will never be an option.  When given some slight optimism, seeing a little potential for improvement, they always back slide.  Some say it is a cultural thing.  I see it in all cultures.  There seems to be little limit on who this affects.  With many it gives them the opportunity to be part of “the group” that likes to show up around the water cooler (local tavern, etc.) and talk about how bad things are and that they are getting worse.
  • There are those who are super successful.  These folks are at the top of their game in industries that are the most mundane.  Their peers are mostly just getting by.  Their peers are typically part of the mass grouping of individuals that I consider to be the “ninety percenters” just getting by.  The super successful continue to find ways to enlarge their envelope by thinking outside of the box.  Their box has more than six sides and ninety-degree angles.   It is always expanding, changing, and delivering improved results.  I went to a peer group meeting last week.  There were more than 40 members in attendance who will earn in excess of six figure incomes this year.  They are in businesses that have been on the front pages of the newspaper and television magazine lead news stories regarding economic bad times.  The industries they are from have been said to be failing.  Their businesses continue to thrive because they see success and go after it!
  • Finally there are those who may “talk the walk” versus “walk the talk.”