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Our Chief Cheer Officer past on January 29, 2015.  Below is his eulogy and those who knew him, their recognition of him.

On January 29, 2015 Thor went to meet his maker.  He died peacefully.  He came into our lives as a four week old stray left to fend for himself on a Pee Coat on Tiffany Drive, in Oceanside on Martin Luther King Day, 2000.  He will be remembered for his love of cookies, playing Pac Man on the kitchen floor with Cheerios or Special K, his love of spaghetti, meat treats from COSTCO, his ability to down his food in 20 seconds, walking twice as far as his siblings while walking with them, his ability to pick edibles from the side walk faster than man could see them ( a special delicacy was pine nuts and used tissues,) scared of anything that blew in the wind (like a plastic bag) and his special gift to satisfy his brother Sam.  He will be remembered as part of the Law Firm of Wiggles, Waddles and Uzi (Thor, Swede, Sam.)  Sam (12/25/2001) and Swede (08/04/09) predeceased Thor.  In his youth he could explode climbing the stairs, jumping into the bed, bound down the stairs, circle the living room, dining room, kitchen, and den and be back in the bed in less than a minute. RIP old friend:-)  We loved serving you!

  • Really sorry to hear about Tho. As an animal guy, I’ve been through this before and I know what it’s like. It’s one of the worst days of your life. Thank you for sharing it and I’m really glad forgave you guys 15 great years and now he’s resting peacefully!!

Keep Conquering!

Antarctic Mike

  • Love that guy.   He and Gracie are playing together.  That makes me smile.

Love to you and Lynne

David Glendenning

  • Dear Lynne and Gerry,

Sigh….I am so sorry to hear about Thor.  My heart is with you both.  I loved Thor ~ so much bark, but so much love behind that fierce bark.  You know, I am a firm believer in serendipity.  You were meant to find him just as much as he was meant to find you.  I love you both.

Sally…and Brian…and Danielle…and Nick…and Zach…and Jojo

  • Sorry Gerry! Thinking of you! Thor is at peace.

Doug Luffborough

  • Gerry and Lynne,

These type of days are the hardest of days.  MaryLynn and I will always have a good spot in our hearts for Thor.  He was very cool.

We know these hardest days.  I just know that the love we receive from these precious souls, cure the rest of the woes that go on in the whole life picture.  That is why I can live these days, the hardest…of hardest days.

Bless you both and bless Thor.

Oh, if you ever need a dog hug, you can come over.  Naya, Cosmo, and Lance will oblige.

Love MaryLynn Fernandes and Robert de Crevecoeur

  • I’m sure he now knows how lucky he was to have the two of you for his family.   When I die I want to come back as one of your dogs.

RIP friend.

Woody Morrison

  • Our thoughts and prayers.   We know how much he will be missed.

Sharon Meredith

  • So sad to hear of your beloved friends passing! He was such a BIG part of you two… all dogs do go to heaven… I truly believe this.

We both are in tears… RIP Thor!

Love you guys,

Al and Donna Delino

  • Gerry, my thoughts are with you. Big hugs!! Thor was a special pet and friend. His memories will last. Much love and caring thoughts – Suexoxox

Sue Landis

  • He’s bounding through the clouds with the speed of his youth. As they say, “All dogs go to heaven.” My sympathy goes out to you and Lynne my friend.

Best Regards,
Doug Taber

  • Dear Gerry and Lynne,

I am so sorry for your loss.  I know the love the two of you will always have for him and how much you suffered seeing him in pain.  We are thinking of you and would like to get together when you feel you can.  Love, Maria and Zev

  • Sorry to hear of your loss Gerry… he seemed to have the presence of a noble warrior:~)

James Evanow

  • Hi Gerry,

I’m sorry to hear about Thor.  My condolences to you both.

Stan Quinn

  • Hi Gerry

I love my furry four legged children…they make me smile and give me love unconditionally.  I am sad that you lost your puppy, but believe he is upstairs, healthy, running with his pals, and will be there waiting for you when that time comes :-)

Jenjer Wind

  • Hi Gerry and Lynne,

I’m so sorry for your loss. Thor was such a sweet boy. And he is still with you in spirit and will always be “right there” with you.

Sending you healing energy and love for each of you in celebrating Thor!

Love and big hugs!
Candace Pittenger

  • I knew Thor was a pushover from the moment I first saw him, a real sweety!

You guys were the best owners ever.

I am happy for Thor, he lived a long and rich life.

What a great dog, wishing you dogspeed to the love on the other side!

May we meet again, old friend.



  • Hi Gerry and Lynne. It was my pleasure to have met Thor in his later years. I know he brought great comfort and joy to you both. Sounds like he had a wonderful life!

I know you will always treasure the time you spent together. Bless you all. Thank you for letting us know.

Your friend, Dee

  • My sincere condolences to you and Lynne.  Love, Jan Riggins

Hi Lynne and Gerry:

Robert shared Thor’s eulogy with me; we are so sorry to hear of his loss. We understand all too well how much these babies are part of our families and lives and y reading his eulogy, it was obvious that no one could have known him and loved him as much as you both did. He had a great home and a great life, and I know your lives are better because he was in it.

Take good care you guys. Hope to see you soon,

MaryLynn Fernandes

  • After our email conversation I sent a loving white light to Thor!!!  I am so happy he left this world on his own and peacefully!!!  I am sending you and your wife lots of love!!!

Ari Lower

  • Gerry & Lynne,

Thor was an awesome dog.  I am glad I got to know him.  He was my buddy.

I am sure Rugby & Thor are running & chasing & playing.

Sending you guys peaceful loving thoughts.


  • Gerry and Lynne,

Thank God for memories.

We heard heaven is a little brighter:-)

We are really sorry for your loss:-(

I’ve just always thought why do birds & turtles live so long and dogs leave us so soon??

Love and hugs to you both,


  • Thor was a very special dog he will be missed.

Yami, Coastal Animal Hospital

  • I am so sorry for your loss.

Nicole, Coastal Animal Hospital

  • I am very sorry for your loss of Thor.

Maimer, Coastal Animal Hospital

  • Thor was fortunate to have had such a loving family.  My thoughts are with you.

John, Coastal Animal Hospital

  • I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one.  I wish we could have met him under better circumstances, but it was clear how lucky he was to have had such loving parents.  Take good care of one another.

Reese, Coastal Animal Hospital

  • Rose Family,

Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your friend.  I am very sorry for your loss.  May the years of happy memories help heal your hearts.


Dr. Aprildlius, Coastal Animal Hospital

  • They will not go quietly the dogs who’ve shared our lives.  In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives.  Old habits still make us think we hear a barking at the door or step back when we drop a taste morsel on the floor.  Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be.  And sometimes, coming home at night we miss them terribly.  And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, that one place in our hearts belongs to them and always will.
  • Sometimes it helps just to know someone cares.  So very sorry to hear about Thor.  He sounds like a very special companion.

Garrett & Judy Colbert

  • Lynne and Gerry!!

In those quiet moments of memory, you can still feel their love.  Thinking of you with deepest sympathy.  My heart goes out to both of you regarding Thor…Remember his love, his strength, his best days, and knowing that you gave him a wonderful life.

Love and Hugs,


  • Lynne and Gerry

Words cannot express the sorrow felt over the loss of a cherished pet.  May happy memories of your time together help heal your heart.

So sorry about Thor.  He’s romping in heaven with his buddies.

Take care,

Denise Simmons

  • Dear Lynne,

Thinking of you at this time of loss and wishing you comfort and healing in the days ahead.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to lose Thor, but I know God will help you through this tough time.  You are in my prayers.



  • Dear  Lynne and Gerry,

We know how much Thor will be missed.  He had the best life with you as his parents and we know you will cherish the memories.  Thinking of you and sending you love and hugs,


Woody Morrison and Sharon Meredith


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