Improved Networking Through Education Generating Relationships Increases The Yield


The Ten Keys You Receive as a Member of INTEGRITY Institute

  1. Communication is more than just talking and blogging.  It will show you how stay in touch with those who say, “I want to think about it.”  It will turn those into more pay days!
  2. Presentation Training will teach what to say, how to get in front of the right people to say what they need to hear, and create offers that your target markets want.
  3.  Networking is seen by many as a have to do when growing a small business.  Learn how to network with anticipated results to move your business results to profits.
  4. Business Exposition strategies often include ‘give a ways’ to increase the yield on contact gathering.  It would be great if when gathering those business cards that all those people wanted what your business has to offer.  You will discover the little known secret for how to create that offer.
  5.  Website is about more than SEO and AdWords.  Getting people who want your product and service to your website is an important key to your business success.  Increase your knowledge for how to get more prospects to your door.
  6. What Can I Do Today to Help You Grow Your Business? A group of business men having been asking this question for the last five years getting exceptional results.  Find out why and how.
  7. The 25 People You Need to Know to Get Your Phones to Ring will teach you who you need to know to ring the referrals to your business.  90 minute interactive presentation.
  8. How to Turn Passive Marketing Tools into Proactive Marketing Tools will deliver the ideas that will strengthen your brochures, website, and billboards to sell what you have to offer. 90 minute interactive presentation.
  9. Advocates and Power Partners, How to Grow Our Businesses Together will multiply your sales force without increasing your expense side of the business.  90 minute interactive presentation.
  10. How to Effortlessly Stay in Contact with Your Target Market so that They Will Buy Only from You is designed to put your competition in the rear view mirror.  After this session you will look at completion as friendly collaborators.  90 minute interactive presentation

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