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Turning Passion into Action!

Being Able to Jump Out of Bed Every Day Knowing You Never Ever Have to Work Again!

To many of you it sounds like a dream that will never come true.  Jumping out of bed every day knowing that you will never ever have to work again for many is a reality.  When you can turn passion into action that dream is reality!

Let me tell you about Nick, whom I met last evening.  A young man, at age 13, lost a leg to meningitis.  After six months in recovery he went back to school, lost and alone.  Being different from the rest of the children, he developed a love for music.  He became a “band geek,” playing the drums and brass instruments.  He went on to a professional career in music, performing on Broadway in his early 20’s.

Nick fell victim to a second tragedy with a disease that prohibited him from ever again playing in the orchestra.  He turned his passion into action developing investment strategies to work on Wall Street.  Now a man in his late 20’s, Nick was 50 pounds overweight and out of shape.  Exercise and diet were his answers to a healthier life.  Running on a prosthetic leg was near impossible.  He applied for a grant for a running leg from Challenged Athletes Foundation,  He turned his third illness in a young life into his third passion and from there into action.

Now an employee of Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), he runs marathons, and he is a marketing/spokes person for CAF.  He is training for a triathlon and dreams of his next challenge that he will choose to turn passion into action, whatever life deals him.

Many of us allow life to happen to us.  We are told that, “Life has dealt us a bad hand.”  We become ‘human doings’ rather than ‘human beings’ telling ourselves that we have little control over the hand we were dealt.  For those who want to turn passion into action, below are some ideas for moving forward.

  • Whatever it is you love to do on your day ‘off,’ develop that into a business.
  • Read to discover your passion.
  • Go to the library starting in the ‘self help’ section for ideas.
  • Talk to people who love what they do.  Discover why they love their job.
  • Volunteer to work in an area that you think you might like.
  • Stop the pity party.  Get off the couch and get moving.
  • Ask for advice from trusted advisors.
  • Discover that every thought you have is controlled by you. Meditate.
  • Look at the possibilities for continuing education.
  • Join a group like Toastmasters ( to develop speaking and leadership skills.  It is low cost with high rewards.  You will also meet new people who are passionate about what they do.

To get started, find a friend who will help you along the way to creating passion into action.   Much like those who want to start an exercise program, you may hire a trainer or enlist a partner who already has a successful exercise regimen.  While meditating use your imagination to stimulate your passions.  While letting your mind wander discover your passions.  When returning from the meditative state, write your thoughts out.  Keep a journal of those th