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Why is it Best to Give People What They WANT?

If we give people what they WANT, we get what we WANT!  Sounds simple.  It is simple.  A simple concept, yet it often eludes us.  Why?

The why is almost as simple.  Often we miss identifying what we WANT.   If we do not know what we WANT, how can we help others get what they WANT?

The “Golden Rule” is overstated, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  However, here it applies.  Being clear on what we WANT allows us to find people who meet our mirror image.  Why would we WANT to interact with people who have different wants?  The only reasons might be to:

  • Discover new information (education); and
  • Increase our levels of stress (good and bad stress).

Getting different points of view from others is always good.  Knowing our WANT going in allows us to be clear as to how additional information will support our direction.  It might also cause us to alter our direction, adjusting our WANT.

Good stress is the exercise program mentioned in the last chapter.  How about restricting what we eat?  Might that be good stress?  We WANT good health, so good stress might be something we WANT.

How many of us surround ourselves with negative support groups?  Frequently I come across someone who will daily chant negative wants.  They put negative thoughts in their mind, and always get what they WANT.  One such person tells me that people in his industry will always be poor.  I will also tell you that I know people in that same industry who do very well financially.  Finding people with matching positive wants gets you what you WANT.

Search out those people with wants that match yours.  Making the choice to get what you WANT will help you give others what they WANT.  Create win/win by being clear on your WANT.  As you are clear on your WANT, matching your WANT with another’s WANT will help you accomplish your goals and dreams.  You will create a life worth living!  Those you choose to interact with will thank you for your efforts.  You will realize the rewards.


Gerry Rose runs INTEGRITY Networking Solutions in Oceanside, CA.  He works with people in business who want to attract the right prospects and generate more referrals.  More than 10,000 businesses have been presented the INTEGRITY Networking Solutions system in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange Counties.

Gerry’s stimulating presentation Unlimited Prospects, Unlimited Referrals is ideally suited for small business owners, home-based businesses, and independent professionals who want clearer direction and want to attract more prospects, develop dynamic systems, and strengthen their companies’ accountability.  Gerry does one on one consulting, conducts a range of keynote speeches from thirty minutes to full-day education workshops.  His book series, Unlimited Prospects, Unlimited Referrals, are available on the website,

Gerry has more than 20 years’ experience directing business owners how to grow their businesses.  He is a networking dynamo.  Those who know him will assure you that he does a great job of bringing people together—which is why he started INTEGRITY.

Involved with networking organizations since 1984, Gerry is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a member of Toastmaster International, and has chaired numerous chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations.

Are you truly committed to attracting the right prospects and generate more referrals?  If so then contact INTEGRITY Networking Solutions for availability and information.  You can contact Gerry by mail at 1610 Quiet Hills Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056.  Direct dial (760) 439-4623; e-mail to  For more information, go to

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